Hey Pirates! 
We are working on getting us all together this summer for our 30th (WTF?!!!) Reunion.
(As always, we welcome other classes, since we love you guys too!)
Tickets are on sale now for this event, full payment is due by June 15, 2018.  

Friday 7/13
Golf Tournament (tentatively scheduled at 2:30pm at Broken Tee)

Saturday 7/14
Tour of EHS arrive at 11:15am
Cocktail Hour at Tavern Littleton 5:30pm until ???

Sunday  7/15
Family BBQ at Dekoevend Park, Shelter C from 1-5pm

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!
Tracy (Myers) Lawson, Susan (Roe) Fitch, Scott Carlile and Mike Duggan

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Golf Tournament$ 75.00
Get your golf foursome together! Shotgun start at Broken Tee (Englewood). More details to follow as they come available...
When:7/13/2018 2pm-ish
Where:Broken Tee (Englewood Golf Course)
Number of Tickets:
Tour of EHS
It is hard to recognize if you haven't been by our school for awhile! They will be giving us a guided tour of Englewood and you and your families are invited.
When:7/14/2018 11:15am
Where:Englewood High School
Number of Registrations:
Cocktail Hour $ 50.00
We reserved the rooftop of Tavern Littleton! Plan on a drink ticket and appetizers included as part of our evening get together.
When:7/14/2018 5:30pm
Where:Tavern Littleton
Number of Tickets:
Cocktail Hour (for two)$ 88.00
Discount for couples!
When:7/14/2018 5:30pm
Where:Tavern Littleton
Chris Henning
Corey Berig
Robyn VanDerLeest
Tracy Besser
Joel Martinez
Troy Sokolowski
Dan Weems
Laura Paris (Thorp)
Teri & Jim Kavinsky
Kim Sayler
Greg Cole
Shawn Garcia
Pam Evans (Rice)
Spencer Rice
Stephen Ranum
Sam Maddox
Sam & Jennifer Maddox
Guy Torres
Randy Roybal
Kimberly Webber (webber)
Leslie Medina (Ward)
David Ibbotson
Laura Ibbotson (Ibbotson)
Madonna Molinario
Gary Garcia
Robert Czillinger
Kimberly Webber (Mossman)
Jamie Keiffer
Derek Musgrave
John Musgrave
Ryan Musgrave
Mike Nierling
.matt Hannah
Matt Hannah
Mike Duggan
Mike & Jean Duggan
Susan Roe (Fitch)
Ken French
Juliana Lani (Lani)
Kimberly Teter (Teter)
Heather Robertson (West)
Scott Carlile